Ryan’s Road to Ruin

April 2, 2014

Yesterday Rep. Paul Ryan released his FY 2015 budget resolution, laughably titled “The Path to Prosperity.” In reality, his budget would cost the American people over 3 million jobs in just the next two years and privatize Medicare. Here are some initial thoughts on what you need to know about the Ryan budget and how to talk about it.


Ryan’s budget is a demolition plan for the American economy.
As the famous saying goes, “where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” Budgets show us what and who politicians value.
Paul Ryan’s European-style austerity would throw 3 million Americans out of work, privatize Medicare, and make working families pay more so the richest pay less.
  • Losing 3 million American jobs is like laying off the entire workforce of Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin (or firing the entire population of Iowa or Mississippi).
  • Ryan would privatize Medicare, ending the guarantee of care that generations of Americans have counted on and that we all pay for with every paycheck.
  • Ryan’s budget would slash tax rates for corporations and the wealthy, instead asking the rest of us to pay much more.  He’d cut education, health care, and child care, and drastically cut food stamps that keep American veterans and children from going hungry.
We’ve tried their trickle-down economics before.  It works for CEOs and corporations trying to get away with paying their workers less, but it’s bad news for working Americans trying to make ends meet.
If you want to let rich people skip paying taxes, you cannot claim to be serious about balancing the budget.
We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with reckless cuts that cost jobs. We need to invest in American families and American innovation to create good-paying jobs and rebuild a successful economy.
Killer Tweet:
Ryan’s #GOPbudget would cut 3 million jobs in FY 2016. That’s akin to firing the entire workforce in his home state: http://t.co/3v07ScQzwS
— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) April 1, 2014

KEY:  Connect with your audience |  Make your case | Show how your opponents differ


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