Crisis in Iraq

The situation in Iraq is shifting: Sunni insurgents of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have seized a number [...] Read More »

The Benghazi Smokescreen

Republicans have now turned their full attention back to Benghazi conspiracy-mongering, creating yet another committee to investigate. This makes strategic sense for [...] Read More »

Back at Benghazi

This week Republicans tried to revive the Benghazi hoax—again. This time they are claiming that an email from a White [...] Read More »

Putin in 2016

In their latest effort to try to discredit President Obama, Republicans in Congress have been practically swooning over Putin, which [...] Read More »

No Iran War

Over the last few days, over 70 House Democrats expressed opposition to new sanctions on Iran, Hillary Clinton announced her opposition, and a number of [...] Read More »

Benghazi Retraction

This morning, CBS News retracted its 60 Minutes report about the Benghazi attacks that Congressional Republicans and their right wing allies [...] Read More »