Benghazi Retraction

November 8, 2013

This morning, CBS News retracted its 60 Minutes report about the Benghazi attacks that Congressional Republicans and their right wing allies have been using for weeks in their ongoing effort to spin the tragedy into phony scandal. Expose the real scandal – Congressional Republicans’ willingness to use false reports and falsified emails to smear President Obama and dishonor members of our military.


It was a tragedy when four brave Americans were killed serving our country in Benghazi.
Congressional Republicans have now repeatedly seized on false reports and falsified emails to try to spin the tragedy into a phony scandal.
CBS has retracted the report that fueled Republicans’ latest round of Benghazi political gamesmanship. (It turns out their star “eyewitness” lied about being there during the attack.)
Just like when they were caught falsifying White House emails and leaking them to ABC News, if there ever was proof their committee hearings are a political witch-hunt, this is it.
When something goes wrong on the President’s watch, he takes responsibility — but when Republicans in Congress are caught red-handed lying to the public, they just dig in their heels.
That’s the real scandal: Congressional Republicans using false reports and falsifying White House emails to score political points and dishonor the men and women who keep our country safe. It’s time for accountability.

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  • This morning, CBS apologized for its 60 Minutes report about Benghazi that relied on a false “eyewitness” account of the terrorist attack on the US embassy in Libya. CBS will be airing a correction Sunday evening during its 60 Minutes broadcast.
  • The Benghazi witness at the center of the CBS/60 Minutes retraction, Dylan Davies, had been working with a Fox News correspondent on Benghazi reporting but the correspondent cut off contact after Davies asked for money.
  • Davies gave two different reports in the wake of the September 11th attack in Libya, one to his employer and one to the FBI, that contradict the account that he gave to CBS and is contained in his forthcoming book.
  • Senator Graham, in part fueled by the CBS report, has been using Benghazi as an excuse to block every Obama Administration appointee. Sen. Graham claimed that the administration has blocked Benghazi witnesses from testifying, but an attorney for three such witnesses said that the administration has been “very cooperative.”
  • Senator Cruz introduced legislation yesterday that would require Secretary of State John Kerry to pay up to $5 million for information about the Benghazi attacks.
  • This is not the first time Republicans have been caught playing politics with Benghazi. In May, Republicans leaked altered versions of State Department emails that inaccurately indicated that the State Department was trying to shield itself from criticism.
  • Threshold Editions, which is a subsidiary of CBS and was publishing Davies’ book, announced today that it has withdrawn from publication of the book and has suggested that book retailers do the same.